Saturday, 2 May 2015

May 2nd People of Pak n Save

After a brief hiatus, watch out as I am back into blogging mode! I will be filling in the gaps for my time away and splitting those blogs into two, ie one for Seattle and one for Honolulu. As that may take a wee while due to diminished brain cells, I have decided to start up again now for my daily photos. Tally Ho and Onward We Go!!

Today, Saturday, it was time to get back into the normal exciting routine of grocery shopping. Oh the anticipation! The excitement was too much to bare, I tell you! But someone has to do it and with George busy working to keep me in the lifestyle to which I am accustomed, the onus fell upon myself to get my butt into the hoy polloy, the supermarket of the working class that is known as Pak n Save. Where I should add, you encounter some strange and peculiar creatures. Some still in their night attire, some that talk to themselves (although I have been known to do that - oops), and some that are just downright odd.

So there I was trundling my trolley, and surveying my latest choice of Porridge (and I always end up with the same Porridge anyway - so that is a waste of time), when I heard delightful peals of laughter. A mother and her two daughters (aged between 7 and 8), were having the time of their lives. It was wonderful. They were joking around in the aisles and laughing and it was such a pleasure to behold. As opposed to the 2 girls I encountered earlier in the Fruit and Veg Department, who were the same age and total brats and fighting each other. If looks could kill, those 2 brats would be a pile of ashes from my cantankerous glare believe me!

Back to our lovely Mother and 2 daughters. I actually complimented her and said how lovely it was to hear genuine laughter. She was beaming and I said her girls were absolutely beautiful - which they were. I felt good and I could tell my compliment left all 3 feeling good as well. And off we trotted our separate ways to continue our shoppping.

Fast forward to the carpark. I was just about to turn my ignition to leave the holiest of grails, the supermarket when I sighted the lovely mother and 2 daughters walking through the carpark - still laughing away and genuinely happy. Then I made a split decision (which with my brain cells is sometimes hard to accomplish). I jumped out of the car, locked it and made my way to where I could see them standing. I explained that I wrote a daily blog and for today's entry, I would dearly love to have a photo of the three of them as they were such beautiful people that had really touched my heart and made my day. Tentatively the Mum agreed - at her daughter's prodding. I received her email address so I could forward the photo. Let me introduce a wonderful mother and her two daughters. Mum has been in New Zealand for 14 years now - having arrived as an immigrant from Somalia, and both girls were born here, and are aged 8 (next Tuesday, so of course I had to give her huge birthday wishes), and the younger one is 7.

I hope these smiling faces touch your heart as much as they did mine.

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