Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 31st Sadness

Well today wasn't a very good day. We have had George's sister Felicia, and her husband Johnny, visiting us from Romania and they have been with us for six weeks. I can honestly say that the entire time with them staying here has been an absolute pleasure. No gritting of teeth, and instead lots of laughs and good times.

So you can imagine the black clouds that started descending on us with this approaching day.

The day started out with the necessities of travel. There is a plus to being a Travel Broker and working from home - I  have all the necessary paper work at my fingertips.

Departure Cards x 2 - check

Checking Luggage Weights agree with our hand held weight - check

Check in counter - check

Photo with Middle Earth Sculpture - check

Until we meet again - and love you both

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 23rd to 30th - Honey I'm Home!

Well there was a brief remission in postings to the blog sorry I had a gun held to my head, had my arm twisted behind my back and was forced to take a holiday for a week.

With family here from Romania, we have been sharing our special places in New Zealand with them. This time we thought a week at our favourite beach spot in NZ was a must during their stay. We have been coming to Pukehina Beach for 8 years now and it still leaves me in awe, as much as when I first saw it. I have been having dips in the water this week, and there has been not another soul in sight. If you are into shopping or nightlife - don't venture here. There are two very small shops (one with a bar attached), that open at their owner's whim. But if you want a beach that is uncrowded, even in the middle of summer on a blazing hot day, and you fall asleep to the sound of breaking waves - then this is the place to be.

Unfortunately this stay was tinged in sadness. The house which we usually rent has been sold and we have to find another dog friendly, beachfront, full of personality and homely property to rent in the future.

I have been taking photos every day - my phone is never far from my hand of course - and here is a sample of the best of the best.

A very long 20 metre walk to reach the beach, and our Petanque court is on the left

Minnie keeping me company while I have my morning coffee - and making sure the pesky seagulls don't come too close

I want another coffee, but the house is so, so far away!

Pipi or Tuatua? I never can tell - but they tasted good

Ocean on one side of the only road, or farm land - take your pick

The end of an era - sob sob

Row Row Row Your Boat

There weren't only Pine Cones in the Norfolk Pine - Finches had nests hidden in various branches

A useful place to come if one of your jandals/thongs/flip flops dies a natural death

My name is Minnie and I hate sand in my paws

A wonderful sunrise to start the day

Good Bye Home. We have had many happy times here

Saturday, 23 January 2016

January 22nd Ladies Being Ladies

I decided that today Felicia and I would be ladies and have some pampering. Time for a manicure and pedicure. People who know me well, will know which hand is mine

Friday, 22 January 2016

January 21st Minnie's Fretting

Minnie has been well overdue for a haircut. Her personal groomer, prior to Christmas, suffered a fairly horrific injury to her leg (broken in three places), so has been unable to carry out her grooming duties. Which has left us in a bit of a dilemma.

It was getting to the stage where we couldn't tell her front end from her back end. So today it was time to throw caution to the winds and trust a stranger.




Thursday, 21 January 2016

January 20th What Am I Seeing???

I was working away in my office and stopped for a stretch and to look out the french doors and couldn't believe it when I saw a green budgie sitting in a plant. Fortunately, as it always is, my phone was close by for me to take a shot (not a very good one mind you)

I then wondered why it wasn't moving? It was perfectly stationary. I then realised that this was one of our ornamental birds, which had been moved and repositioned by human hands. Duh!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

January 19th Someone Is Being Spoilt...

And it's me.  George took the family out for some retail therapy today. Poor me had to stay home and work. I got a shock when they returned home and had presents for me. These were a totally unexpected surprise

The VW Planter is an early birthday present from Johnny and Felicia, as they won't be here when the big day hits.  And the necklaces are from George as he thought they were cool nd would suit me. 

I am over the moon at everyone's good taste - and thankful at such a wonderful surprise