Friday, 30 May 2014

May 30th I Had a Hand in Taking a Selfie

As in my right hand helped and took a photo of my left hand. But to try and get the full effect of my nails whilst holding the phone for a pic - my hand looks slightly (?) munted. But you get the drift.

Wonderful nail art thanks to Nancy

May 29th The Mystery Continues

It was a grey, bleak and actually quite cold day today.  Most of my focus was spent on solving the mystery of our Mystery Box (see May 25th).  As an aside, we now know this box is definitely phone related - but as to why or whom, we are still solving that one.

I could post another Mystery Box photo (and get a psychic around to call up Agatha Christie to solve this mystery), but instead was delighted at this splash and colour spied today. And they were real!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

May 28th Caviar

If ever you see this label in the fishy section (not the fresh part) of your supermarket -- can I make a suggestion and please indulge. This is Smoked Capelin Caviar from Russia. I should make a movie reference here - from Russia with Love, but with no Bond in sight

Back to the Caviar - it is a gastronomical delight! The tiny eggs pop in your mouth with each delicate morsel. I know I should have taken a photo of the actual product itself - but it was so good I had polished off what was left and only had an empty jar. The lid will have to do. Bon Apetit!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May 27th Farewell Buzz and Hello Duck

I would like you all to welcome Plucky Ducky to the family.  And a fond farewell to Fuzzy Buzzy, who has buzzed for the last time.  We don't know if there was 'fowl' play afoot, but Fuzzy Buzzy was found on the ground outside the kitchen window - far from his familiar haunt.  Was he pushed? Did life on the kitchen window sill get too much for him? Was there nothing left in life to buzz about. I personally thought he had a honey of a job.

Oh well It's up to Plucky Ducky now. I am sure he will fit the bill. I hope he is all he is quacked up to be. I also hope the time doesn't come when he has to duck for cover?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May 26th Beanie Is Back

My Beanie that is.  I absolutely hate wearing hats and if this makes an appearance - well you know it must be cold. An absolute essential when walking Minnie today. Excuse the evil glare - you know I hate my photo being taken!

And whilst walking, I came across this mass of funghi. At first I stopped and looked because I thought it was a masticated breadroll or something and gave it a bit of a kick, only to discover it was fungus I don't know what the original shape was - but it must have been pretty big originallly

Monday, 26 May 2014

May 25th The Mystery Box

If anyone can explain the following to me, it would be greatly appreciated. We discovered this box attached to the side our house, with a cable from it going inside to under the house.  We checked with the neighbours and they don't have anything similar. I have had phone problems lately, but this doesn't appear to be anywhere near our phone line source. That is an actual slot on the front of the box.

Can someone shed some light on this please? Or is Big Brother watching us - of all people???

Sunday, 25 May 2014

May 24th The Meeting Of Two Four Legged Creatures

Headed up the road for a family catch up, with my sister Sophie and her family. We all had a wonderful day together.

We took Minnie with us, and as everyone who knows us well, is aware - Minnie does not like those other four legged dastardly creatures, common in most family homes.  On arrival, the resident dastardly creature was enjoying a wonderful snooze on his own purpose built bed and we wondered what would eventuate. Well surprise of surprises, for the first time in the history of Minnie - nothing!!

Is that what I think it is?

What if I do a casual stroll by, I will soon find out if it is one of 'those'

No reaction. Maybe I should try the full on frontal death stare?

Let's try from this angle.

What is it with this thing. Maybe it is one of my kind in disguise?

Does this thing even breathe?
And now for the two legged people in attendance - we later went out for lunch and had to take the obligatory selfie

Heading home and Auckland city was basking in ethereal dusk colours

Saturday, 24 May 2014

May 23rd Wow! Kapow! What A Day!!

It was such an exciting day, that I was really hard pressed to choose which photo to use.  The weather was it's usual unglorious self - ie rain and wind. I had work to do (bills need paying = Irene has to work). I really suffered from Friday-itis and did NOT want to get out of bed. And how was my day capped off? I had a Dentist appointment.

So I was heading home, sitting in a traffic queue (working from home makes you forget what traffic queues are about), and I nonchalantly looked to the left whilst doing a wee bop to my music (a steering wheel makes a fantastic set of drums), and look what I spied. In all it's glory. The highlight of my day - a mountain of gravel at the roadworks. This photo will have to go in the Album entitled
'Momentous Moments'

Friday, 23 May 2014

May 22nd Persimmons and the Park

Another beautiful day for walking.  I spotted this overflowing Persimmon tree in a yard. Within easy reach of a camera lens and they looked so pretty

I thought this climbing frame in the children's playground would make an excellent clothes line in someone's back yard? You could have your smalls down the bottom and turn this into a colourful art installation.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 21st Get Your Teeth Into This

What makes a person decide in life to be a Dentist? It has to be one of the most cursed professions in the world - and yet they appear to make large sums of money if the amount they bill us for is anything to go by. Parents tell your offspring to be Dentists.

My previous Dentist was wonderful. I never thought I would hear myself say something like that about a person in that dreaded profession, but Sam was wonderful. I used to travel a fair distance to see him - but he was worth it, both from a pain in the mouth and pain in the purse perspective. Then it happened. He advised me he was getting married to a girl who lived in Auckland. You guessed it - after a period of time they moved to the big city and my dentist was gone. The pain was as bad as a bad case of tooth ache.  Or as bad as the time he put in a temporary crown/bridge thingee at the front of my mouth - and the temporary thingee kept falling out. When I smiled it looked like the Black Hole of Calcutta resided in my mouth - consequently I did not smile for a while or if I did, I attempted a mouth half open, mouth half shut smile.  We eventually got that one sorted - the teeth not the smile.

It was with some trepidation recently that the dreaded toothaches started appearing.Sam is no more, so I used a friend's recommendation and trotted off to Dave.   A crown was required at the back and I had developed two fillings. To allow the crown to be made, Dave inserted a temporary crown. Well temporary is the operative word. This was done late morning Friday and by late afternoon Friday, this is what I had to show for my temporary crown. Yep that sure was temporary! Let's hope the permanent one inserted today, and any future temporary insertions, remain as they should and don't end up like this one.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May 20th Fog, Fog and More Fog

To me there is always something slightly creepy
or maybe it is because I am still sleepy
but when I do an early morning dash
and see fog everywhere, I don't feel too flash

I expect to see a headless horseman come riding by
brandishing his sword and coming from out of the sky
and then I give myself a pinch and a punch
My imagination, some days, gets my panties in a bunch!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May 19th Carparks

With carparks having designated disabled parks, parks for mums with prams and the associated toddler(s)s and now this new one - carparks for 65+ - I often wonder how on earth do they monitor this? OK for disabled parking you display a special card. But what do the others do? Do Mums leave a pooey nappy on the dash and oldies an incontinence nappy?  I wonder!

Monday, 19 May 2014

May 18th Famiily Day

If I squeeze in here you can't see me

The Photographer taking a photo of the Photographer with her very first camera

Sunday, 18 May 2014

May 17th Born To Be Wild

Get your motor running
Met her on the driveway
wearing no protection
and whatever comes our way
Minnie and me are gonna make it happen
Minnie and me are gonna go for a ride
Rob might not like his bike gone
He is still busy putting on his strides

BORN TO BE WI...I..I...LD......

The song was the soundtrack to one of the movies that would rank as one of the greats - Easy Rider
How can you resist not watching it - below is the link

Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 16th I Am So Glad I Am Up Here

Today is absolutely glorious weatherwise, and on a day like today I am so glad I am up here and not six foot down there - or combined with a lot of dusty ashes and sitting on some shelf somewhere!

When the day first started it looked like it was going to be a nothing day. A trip to the Dentist - which would have my Credit Card company screaming with joy. And that was it. Or so I thought.

Thinking there would not be many photo opportunities today, this was going to be it

Cat On A Cold Tin Roof - at 8:30am
Noting the absolutely stunning sky when I returned from the dentist, I decided it would be walkies time for Minnie

I thought this had gone out in the 80s. Tinny House in the 'hood - beware
Remember the mattress on the side of the road the other week? Well it has crossed to the dark side and spawned twins
Why I love where we live - and only a 5 minute walk away
Sunbeams and Gum Leaves
Is it a desert? Is it for War Manoeuvres? No it's the local BMX track

My favourite lonely tree - way on the horizon

Let's not forget it is Autumn
And that is why, on a day like today, I just sigh at the beauty of it all - and then return to work

Thursday, 15 May 2014

May 14th You Really Didn't Think

You really didn't think I would head outside for a photo opportunity, when the sky looked like this, did you? This was taken at 11:00am

The sky at dusk was actually lighter then the sky at 11:00a. That circle isn't the moon - which was totally visible on the other side of the house. I am presuming it was the Sun

Finally a small glimpse of sunset - the sun (?) is still apparent on the far left

And that my friends, was Irene's Weather report for Wednesday, 14th May

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 13th The Big Red

What, you may well ask, is Big Red?  Big Red is the equivalent of my comfy blanket, it cuddles me and snuggles me and keeps me warm. Yes it is my dressing gown. 

One of the perils of being self employed and working from home is the case of the Big Red. My morning routine tends to be adorn Big Red, absolutely appreciate my first coffee, indulge in breakfast cereal, and then wander down the hallway (avoiding peak traffic ie Minnie's toys) to the office for a supposed peak at what lies ahead for the day. Then I think ooops better do this, oh this looks urgent, I sit down and then on days such as this I look up at the clock and it is 11:30 and I am still in Big Red, teeth unbrushed, hair pointing every which way but where it should, and a general mess.

Which is all well and good and the joys of working from home. But very rarely an occasion such as today happens. Minnie was passed out behind me on the office chair and obviously was too out to it to give me any warning - the doorbell rang. Because it had been a particularly busy morning, of course all the blinds were still closed. I opened the door (extremely tentatively I must add) and lo and behold there stood a customer. A big grin on her face, made up and dressed to perfection. And what greeted her ... me in Big Red.  I really felt like saying Holy Mother Forker - but with her being a customer I could just stand there, gape and apologise.

She decided to swing by to pick up their passports. As an aside, I was really proud of myself with this booking. Visas were required to enter Russia - and she could not cope with filling in the paperwork so it was left to yours truly to do the dastardly requirements, and for them to add their autographs. And I am going to shout the following out in capitals. The form had to be completed online and some sections had to be in cyrillic writing

я сделал это, я сделал это, я сделал это!

Now I know how, it is easy.  But I did it!  Oh and back to my Customer - so she found me  in Big Red. And with a nod to Big Red,I am proud to make Big Red the subject of my Photo of the Day. 

You really didn't expect me to model it did you? Come on - even Big Red deserves it's dignity!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May 12th Give Us This Day

Give us this day our daily walk.
Give us this day where the weather began to make me balk
Give us this day as we encounter wondrous sights
Give us this day where we always encounter delights

 Our Camelia, historically, have always been later flowering then others that I spy. This year it decided to keep abreast of the times and flower early.

Looking at this sky, I began to wonder if we would make our walk in time without getting wet. Perfectly timed with the big, fat drops just starting to fall as we made it home

Oh look, the green, green grass of NZ. Yes it is, but a perfectly unintended shot of green grass.

And last but not least, a cross section of Autumn funghi 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

May 11th Mothers' Day

I remember the day you were born
because I couldn't sleep until close to dawn
When you finally with your presence did us adorn
And then a tear came to my eye

Then the time came for your first step
at falling over you were quite adept
With bumps and bruises but at it you kept
And then a tear came to my eye

And then we repeated the above again
when into this world your little brother came
The two of you did rough and tumble with every game
And then a tear came to my eye

It wasn't long and the first day at school came
I knew now life would never be the same
My toddlers were turning into boys and then men
And then a tear came to my eye

And so on this Mothers' Day I actually give a private wink
because deep in my heart I think
if it wasn't for my children I would not be a mother
I don't need a day for them to say I love her
But whenever they do, a tear does come to my eye

With deepest gratitude and love to my awesome sons. To all the families out there - just be grateful you have someone to love and care for. It isn't a meal at a restaurant, or a new vacuum cleaner that you want, or your family matching a picture perfect Greeting card or movie - it is just love, no matter what day of the year

© Irene Field 2014

May 10th Hamilton Night Markets

The Night Market has been operating in Hamilton for over a year now. We have heard nothing but good about the food choices and decided it was time to check this local attraction out for ourselves

I absolutely love Bubble Tea with Pearls. Tonight I got adventurous and mixed the Tapioca Pearls with Popping Pearls.

 Note to self... Do not take George to a food place, when he is suffering Empty Stomach Syndrome. Two types of Pad Thai and the most amazing Satay sticks (which he shared). And this is what he sat down to. No time to take a photo of his Entrees

Darling Ella. She is such a pretty, pretty little girl

And here are a selection of other shots from the night. A shop upstairs (closed fortunately) had a selection of elephants which actually would go well in our living room. An unintended selfie resulted - I couldn't figure out which would be the best size for the space where one really needs to relocate to. There were others in the shop window as well.

I have always loved this 'shop front' which is actually more of a side front for this music store. I remember going to Shearers Music Store (at another location) in Hamilton when I was learning Piano Accordion in my tender years.  If anyone can identify the tune/name of the song - there will be a prize and that is a big huge HUG. (Terms and Conditions apply. Applicable for residents within the immediate vicinity of Hamilton NZ only. The Prizewinner must have recently showered. The prize is redeemable for six months and is transferable to someone who also resides within the local area and has also recently showered).

May 9th A Moment of Stupidity

Yes, I did throw a tantrum. Yes, I did go and sit outside and hmph and stew and think bad things of you. But can't you please show just a tiny wee bit of sympathy for how wet I am?

Friday, 9 May 2014

May 8th A Prickly Situation

I don't know how this little fella/gal got into this situation and am not too sure how it will get out. Or maybe it is just a masochist at heart?