Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 16th I Am So Glad I Am Up Here

Today is absolutely glorious weatherwise, and on a day like today I am so glad I am up here and not six foot down there - or combined with a lot of dusty ashes and sitting on some shelf somewhere!

When the day first started it looked like it was going to be a nothing day. A trip to the Dentist - which would have my Credit Card company screaming with joy. And that was it. Or so I thought.

Thinking there would not be many photo opportunities today, this was going to be it

Cat On A Cold Tin Roof - at 8:30am
Noting the absolutely stunning sky when I returned from the dentist, I decided it would be walkies time for Minnie

I thought this had gone out in the 80s. Tinny House in the 'hood - beware
Remember the mattress on the side of the road the other week? Well it has crossed to the dark side and spawned twins
Why I love where we live - and only a 5 minute walk away
Sunbeams and Gum Leaves
Is it a desert? Is it for War Manoeuvres? No it's the local BMX track

My favourite lonely tree - way on the horizon

Let's not forget it is Autumn
And that is why, on a day like today, I just sigh at the beauty of it all - and then return to work

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