Sunday, 11 May 2014

May 10th Hamilton Night Markets

The Night Market has been operating in Hamilton for over a year now. We have heard nothing but good about the food choices and decided it was time to check this local attraction out for ourselves

I absolutely love Bubble Tea with Pearls. Tonight I got adventurous and mixed the Tapioca Pearls with Popping Pearls.

 Note to self... Do not take George to a food place, when he is suffering Empty Stomach Syndrome. Two types of Pad Thai and the most amazing Satay sticks (which he shared). And this is what he sat down to. No time to take a photo of his Entrees

Darling Ella. She is such a pretty, pretty little girl

And here are a selection of other shots from the night. A shop upstairs (closed fortunately) had a selection of elephants which actually would go well in our living room. An unintended selfie resulted - I couldn't figure out which would be the best size for the space where one really needs to relocate to. There were others in the shop window as well.

I have always loved this 'shop front' which is actually more of a side front for this music store. I remember going to Shearers Music Store (at another location) in Hamilton when I was learning Piano Accordion in my tender years.  If anyone can identify the tune/name of the song - there will be a prize and that is a big huge HUG. (Terms and Conditions apply. Applicable for residents within the immediate vicinity of Hamilton NZ only. The Prizewinner must have recently showered. The prize is redeemable for six months and is transferable to someone who also resides within the local area and has also recently showered).

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