Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May 26th Beanie Is Back

My Beanie that is.  I absolutely hate wearing hats and if this makes an appearance - well you know it must be cold. An absolute essential when walking Minnie today. Excuse the evil glare - you know I hate my photo being taken!

And whilst walking, I came across this mass of funghi. At first I stopped and looked because I thought it was a masticated breadroll or something and gave it a bit of a kick, only to discover it was fungus I don't know what the original shape was - but it must have been pretty big originallly


  1. Irene.......funny I should read this as I hate hats too and never wear one neither on the farm nor when fishing in the boat (and I know I should). But only just this morning hubby was looking for his Kathmandu hat so I hauled all his hats out of the box on the shelf that also holds his work clothes. Well, this several hundred year old balaclava hat came out complete with pompom and two big holes in the side of it where probably the moths have eaten through. Plus all these other types of hats courtesy of various animal vaccine and drench companies which haven't seen the light of day for years. Guess what: I wasn't allowed to get rid of the ancient hole-ridden one b'cause he said he might need it when it gets really, really cold! Well.....wasn't this morning and yesterday morning and for sure tomorrow morning really, really cold like a snowy looking frost? Yes said he, but he wants THAT holey hat for when it gets blustery cold, cold,cold. (Maybe I will pull his ears thru the moth holes(!)) So back into the cupboard it went (to the bottom I will add). But he did want me to toss another of his old hats out so madame-me tried it on her head and thought......yes.....I will keep that hat just in case it gets really, really, blustery cold. So into my work clothes it went, probably never to see the light of day either. However after all that, the Kathmandu hat is still missing. I do hate wearing hats!

  2. i am glad I am not alone in hating wearing hats. You will never, ever see one on me in summertime. How funny though out of all the hats you sorted, he wanted to keep the one with holes - isn't that a typical male trait!! :)