Saturday, 24 May 2014

May 23rd Wow! Kapow! What A Day!!

It was such an exciting day, that I was really hard pressed to choose which photo to use.  The weather was it's usual unglorious self - ie rain and wind. I had work to do (bills need paying = Irene has to work). I really suffered from Friday-itis and did NOT want to get out of bed. And how was my day capped off? I had a Dentist appointment.

So I was heading home, sitting in a traffic queue (working from home makes you forget what traffic queues are about), and I nonchalantly looked to the left whilst doing a wee bop to my music (a steering wheel makes a fantastic set of drums), and look what I spied. In all it's glory. The highlight of my day - a mountain of gravel at the roadworks. This photo will have to go in the Album entitled
'Momentous Moments'

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