Monday, 28 November 2016

November 26th to 27th Weekend At Whangapoua

It was lovely to have a weekend away, staying with friends at Whangapoua in the Coromandel. Whangapoua was coincidentally the place of choice for many a stay, both camping and in various buildings on the original farming homestead for many a year, prior to starting a family, and then as the kids were growing up Needless to say it holds a special place in my heart

Here's a few snippets caught on camera over the weekend.

Can we get this road trip underway please
Saturday we were treated to a beautiful stunning day
A lot more cloudy on Sunday but still beautiful

And finally we had the pleasure of watching a thrush finish building her nest on Saturday. She was very friendly and just hopped around searching for bugs and not scared at all. On Sunday we found these in her nest

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

November 20th Kissing Cousins - No Way!!

Over the weekend Minnie spent 'quality' time with her doggy cousin Benny, whilst we visited my sister and family for a movie night.  I should explain at this point that there is a bit of history with these two apple of our eye doggies. They actually don't like each other. They have never barked, snapped or snarled at each other but with the looks and the behaviour from each of them, you can just tell that when they are together, they endure each other. They follow each other everywhere, ie he better not be getting any better treats than I am getting, oh no that was an extra pat, that's not fair. Hey I am here.

So here we were all comfortably seated to watch some TV, and Minnie decided she was a visitor and worthy of the best comfy seat in the house. Benny was aghast! What is that trollop doing on my sofa!

Benny decided he had no option but to settle for second best - and looked around the room for some sympathy

With no sympathy forthcoming, and Minnie not budging for anyone - Benny had no option but to make the best of what he could

It's a dog's life. Even when it got to normal bedtime routine for Benny - he wasn't going to leave that room until that strumpet had left the house. He even came to the front door to make sure that yes she had exited the premises and entered her carriage to transport her home.

Monday, 21 November 2016

November 18th What Do You Think?

On Friday I was treated out to a very lovely long lunch. And it was a long lunch,complete with bubbles. Actually come to think of it I would have to say my whole weekend has comprised bubbles.

First there was the Friday long lunch - but I was a good girl as I was driving, so only one glass. Saturday an unexpected get together with family, here at ours, and fortunately there were a couple of bottles in the fridge. Just as an aside, in my world a fridge with no bubbles is like the Antarctic with no ice! Sunday, there were more bubbles as we enjoyed the best battered oysters in town and fish and chips.. and drum roll for the bubbles whilst we enjoyed said food and the entire series of the TV show 'Getting On' with my little sister and her family. Fortunately my little sister subscribes to the same motto, ie a fridge with no bubbles.....

However I have waffled. Getting back to Friday and the long lunch which I was enjoying with the CEO no less, of Fine Travel (the group I am a travel broker with) We ordered bubbles with our lunch - and this is how it was served. All very retro. But! And this is a big but! I was not impressed as the move to glass flutes was because there was less space for the bubbles to escape. Hence either Champagne or Methode Champenoise should be served in a tall flute. Big no no to this restaurant. This is just so wrong!

psst note the name on the handbag holder next to my glass

Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10th Let Us Soup!

George has  been going on for a while now about the Lettuce Soup Mama made. Yes, you read that correctly. Lettuce Soup. And you know what it's like. You start thinking about something and it becomes an obsession. And every time we opened the veg drawer in the fridge - what was lurking in there but one lettuce. Crying out "please take me, take me. Have your wicked way with me and do what you will. It's cold in here".

So the lettuce went from one temperature extreme to the other - George made Lettuce Soup. And can I say it actually tasted amazing. A lot of preparation in the recipe. George was whisking egg whites, grating potatoes, as well as chopping up and frying smoked pork belly and garlic etc.

After we ate our meal, George actually said (but very quietly so as not to wake the gods), that was better than what Mama used to make. I have no idea what hers was like, but I have to agree that it was damned good.

Monday, 7 November 2016

November 4th to 6th Another Weekend Under Our Belts

Friday was the time for our monthly card game. Cristina decided work was more important and couldn't attend. Really! The time before the time before that, her and Crae's excuse was that they were in Rome/Paris/Ireland or the UK.  Young ones these days! But we did have a game and I would just like to discreetly place into this conversation, the fact that I came second.

That was Friday evening. Then the rest of the weekend was spent with a food focus. George was smoking hot. Oh silly me, old age and I am getting my words tangled, that should read George was hot smoking. Yes the neighbourhood was treated to the smells of smoking pork belly, on both Saturday and Sunday. Here is what we ended up with, and this supply should last us a while

George really spoilt me. He finished off our Sunday by cooking dinner. Creamed Spinach and home made hash browns - which put the commercial wannabe's to shame!

Friday, 4 November 2016

November 3rd A Prickly Subject...

Today I have to discuss a very prickly subject. It actually can be quite  thorny issue. You see one of our cacti has all these buds - and I am now wondering. Are these flowers or is it in massive expansion mode?