Monday, 7 November 2016

November 4th to 6th Another Weekend Under Our Belts

Friday was the time for our monthly card game. Cristina decided work was more important and couldn't attend. Really! The time before the time before that, her and Crae's excuse was that they were in Rome/Paris/Ireland or the UK.  Young ones these days! But we did have a game and I would just like to discreetly place into this conversation, the fact that I came second.

That was Friday evening. Then the rest of the weekend was spent with a food focus. George was smoking hot. Oh silly me, old age and I am getting my words tangled, that should read George was hot smoking. Yes the neighbourhood was treated to the smells of smoking pork belly, on both Saturday and Sunday. Here is what we ended up with, and this supply should last us a while

George really spoilt me. He finished off our Sunday by cooking dinner. Creamed Spinach and home made hash browns - which put the commercial wannabe's to shame!


  1. Oh Irene............don't do that to me! Your smoked pork belly looks absolutely delish! Look out you might find the neighbours are queued up outside and George's Sunday dinner looked pretty blooming good too!
    Dawn. xx

  2. Dawn, this lot is beautiful as the amount of fat is just perfect. With living in a dense urban area, I am not sure if the neighbours appreciated smoking bacon smells - especially if they have clothes hanging out to dry :)