Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10th Let Us Soup!

George has  been going on for a while now about the Lettuce Soup Mama made. Yes, you read that correctly. Lettuce Soup. And you know what it's like. You start thinking about something and it becomes an obsession. And every time we opened the veg drawer in the fridge - what was lurking in there but one lettuce. Crying out "please take me, take me. Have your wicked way with me and do what you will. It's cold in here".

So the lettuce went from one temperature extreme to the other - George made Lettuce Soup. And can I say it actually tasted amazing. A lot of preparation in the recipe. George was whisking egg whites, grating potatoes, as well as chopping up and frying smoked pork belly and garlic etc.

After we ate our meal, George actually said (but very quietly so as not to wake the gods), that was better than what Mama used to make. I have no idea what hers was like, but I have to agree that it was damned good.


  1. Nice read. Great photographs. Enjoying the blog over lunch at K&W Cafeteria in Wilmington, NC.
    With best regards
    Web in beautiful Wilmington, NC

    1. and Greetings to Wilmington NC from Hamilton New Zealand! Lovely to hear from you W, it has been a while Hope all is good in your world.
      Regards, Irene