Friday, 31 October 2014

October 30th A Drippy Bird

Our Bird of Paradise was drooling at the mouth today, and feeling a bit drippy

Thursday, 30 October 2014

October 29th Mr Boogan Villier Is For The Chop

Boogan has got out of hand. I would estimate his age at around 60 years of age? However he is getting pushy (as in throwing his weight around), has a very prickly side and was upsetting the neighbours. As sad as this makes us, it was time for Boogan to go. I should clarify I am talking about our Bouganvillea in the garden - and we had to get the experts in. A day of mourning

Someone will be suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October 28th A Guest Blog By Minnie

I have been allowed to write a Guest Blog about my enforced break at the Beach. Please don't divulge this, but just between you and me, my ultimate plan is to take over this Blog and entertain you everyday, with my life observations. However that may be a tad difficult when the blog is called 'Irene Loves Elephants'.  Come on! Really!!  I think it should have been called 'Irene Adores and Idolises Minnie' but that could be a while down the track. However watch this space - I am not just a pretty face (insert maniacal woof woofs).

Back to the 'holiday'.  I really don't know why they persist in forcing me to accompany them on these breaks. I have a perfectly good Doggy motel I can go to. Admirers and Suitors aplenty are there. But oh no. Because the house they rent allows pets - they insist that I attend. You may think I am strange, but the idea of running with sand between my paws is not a turn on. As to going into Ocean water - the thought of sand up in my girlie bits does not appeal and who wants to be on display with wet hair. You don't know what stud may come along with his Master, and I really do like to look my best at all times.

To rub salt into my wounds, look at these signs.  This one was at the very end of the beach, where these birds were just begging to be chased. But oh no. I was on a lead and no way would they ignore the sign and allow me down there. I was actually mortified when I heard them comment that they thought this was a good idea for the preservation of these birds. What about the preservation of my chasing instinct. What about me? 

The next day we went to indulge in some Fish and Chips for lunch. Thank God I thought. We are escaping all of this sand and ocean. I rubbed my perfectly manicured paws together, when I heard we would eat lunch in a Park. Can you imagine my reaction. Grass, Grass and more Grass. The sand and the ocean were across the road, but this was real grass. Oh I was in Pee Heaven I tell you. Then I saw this.

Look at No. 2.  Exercised! Exercised!  It's only sand so who gives a toss about going down there. I am trim, taut and terrific (do you know I have weighed exactly the same weight since reaching adult hood - not bad for an old girl is it. Maybe I should pass some of my tips on to Her. I notice a little poundage there I tell you!!).

Finally back to the home. Where we stayed and He watched movies and She read books. They would make their way down the path each day and drink their coffees overlooking the beach. They would be twittering away about nothing, but I stayed ever vigilant. I am after all a Guard Dog Supreme.

Each day would end the same. Me perched here, thinking when are you coming to bed? Did they take any notice of me - well what do you think?

Next time I am going to stamp my little paws and insist I be taken to my Doggy Motel. They may come away feeling relaxed and rested, but what about me? What About Me? I tell you , it was such a pleasure to return home to my own couch, my outlook on the neighbourhood, and the bed I let them share with me.

Until next time. Woof Woof!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

October 27th When The Elephants Migrated to Deepest, Darkest Africa

Yes, that time of year has rolled around again. Time for the elephants lounging in the lounge to migrate for a couple of months. To keep them happy when I pack them up, I tell them not to worry that they are heading home to the darkest parts of Africa for a few weeks. Little do they know they (and practically the rest of the lounge ornaments) are being bundled into boxes and sent to reside in the Garage!!

What are they being replaced with? It's coming up to Xmas time folks. The Xmas decorations have made their way, aided, down from their hidey hole.  Houston (or that should be Mr & Mrs Santa) let countdown commence...

October 22nd to 26th - From Holiday to Hairy Goat..

I have been away on holiday at the beach, and as mentioned previously the internet access (for me only for some reason) was slower then a Turtle in wind down mode.  I still took a photo each day, however writing my blog and even being on the internet, was a distant memory.

We returned home on the 25th October after what seemed like a whirlwind 7 days that passed, and life returned to it's usual hectic pace.

Just a quick rundown from each day. October 22nd saw us visiting a friend's 86 year old Uncle, who still lives in his own home. Not only is his home spotless (no old people wee smells and not a cobweb in sight), but his garden is the most prolific I have ever seen. No lawn - just all garden and it is stunning, with the most beautiful cacti, succulents and garden plants. I wish I could include all the photos taken, and it is hard to select what I should display!

The weather decided to be kind to us for our last days at the beach. Not only was the ocean calm and smelling her perfect best, but the sun also decided to treat us to some wonderful displays

Time to head back to the metropolis of Hamilton. Friends were collecting a rental car which is slap bang opposite our fine city's Court House. I have been here - but only in the capacity as a Juror thank goodness, and to collect a Marriage Licence for he and me (sigh)

Home to unpack. Next day it was time to don some glad rags (a tad different to slob and blob beachwear) and head to a Par-tay.

If you are wondering how Minnie enjoyed her holiday? Don't worry she is pestering me - yet again - for a guest blog so you can hear her say on things and her perspective of how our break really went. Stay tuned.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

October 21st Sunrise, Sunset and In Between

My blog for a few days will be fairly sparse. Not only is there nothing but Beach, but the Internet access is so 1940's. Minnie keeps pawing me to have her say. Apologies folks but when I can post, expect only photos

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Monday, 20 October 2014

October 19th Woke Up In The Morning

First sight of the day when I prised my peepers open was this. 

A stormy start to the day which justified remaining in bed - wouldn't you?

Wake me up Caffeine shot

Time to venture out and look active (just between you and me, the operative word being look, not be,)

Over and out from beach heaven!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

October 18th The Great Escape

We decided it was time for some R & R (Rules and Regulations be damned) and to head to our favorite beach spot in New Zealand. Getting there requires a small road trip and no matter how many times we stop here, I always take a photo at the sheer beauty of the mighty Waikato region

I have lost count of how many photos I have of these Ponga's (NZ Native Fern).  Reaching our destination it was time to feel the sand between out toes. Be prepared for a few beach shots over the coming days

Saturday, 18 October 2014

October 17th Love At First Sight

When you are in the same family, yes there may be the odd squabble, but there will always be that deep underlying love in existence. Sometimes if you spend a lot of time together, some parts of you can even begin to resemble each other!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

October 16th To Be Sure, To Be Sure

Do you remember my Speeding ticket - due to my Beetle throwing a tantrum for god knows how long now, and showing less on the speedo than my actual speed?  I wrote a letter to the Police querying if this was grounds to not pay the ticket.

The fine is due for payment by next week - and I received this letter on Tuesday of this week. Then to be sure, to be sure I received the exact same letter today. Two days apart. Maybe Bureacracy thinks I have a sight problem? Or there is just a touch of Irish in them and they want to be sure, to be sure

Which reminds me of an old joke ... why did the Irishman wear two condoms? To be sure, to be sure

 To end the day off on a nice note. I had this wee fellow throwing a tantrum.

" But I don't want to come out. It's too early. Leave me alone. Go Away. Leave me in peace. Come back when I am ready"   Oh look we have a Tui Santa in the house (NZ joke for my overseas readers - if you google Tui Moment you will get my drift)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

October 15th Psssst... It's Minnie Here

It's Minnie here again. You know - the Ruler Of The House. The Leader Of The Pack. Just think logically, I even have more legs then Her and Him, so what does that tell you about my intelligence?

I think I may have been sprung as she has that ridiculous camera again in my face - not once but twice today.  If thought if she can use this forum for all things ridiculous, well I can just quietly get on here so you at least get to see things from my perspective.

So this was me at the start of the day Hair how I like it. You know that Bed Hair look? Thrown together with lots of effort, but the look says minimal.  I have finally got my hair how I want it.
Actually all was going so well. Usual routine - He leaves the bed at some ungodly hour in the dark, she follows a  while later, and I have the whole bed to myself. I know it's a tad lazy, but getting out of bed before 9:30am is just so difficult and what the heck - I am after all The Ruler Of The House.

A spot of breakfast, a sniff outside to make sure all is as it should be in my domain, and those ghastly felines haven't intruded or dared walk through my territory. Then back inside for another rest to contemplate the day. 

I managed to cajole her to taking me for a walk. Oh the smells! The Fragrance! She was more interested in the blue skies but me, I look down and it is just the aroma of each blade of grass, of an unexplored mound - that makes my day.

Just when I thought my day was going well, guess what happened! I heard a large vehicle, and then realised it was Adrienne - she who ministers to my hair and grooming needs. I had it looking so good, it wasn't time - but I heard them discussing it was indeed time for my Summer coat. I was a bit knotty - do they know how long I took to achieve that particular knot? After all I am not impartial to things Rastafarian, and Bob Marley does play a good tune. Here they were saying it had to go!!

Do I look unhappy?  Well wouldn't you?  Although Adrienne fools me every time. I really don't like it when she starts to get that sharp thing and put it between my toes. Actually I think that was the first and only time I snarled at her and reminded her as well who was the Boss. Darn it and Dang it! Do you know what she does now? She gets the hairdryer going. I am that intent on listening to it - that I forget where I am, and then I realise she has been and gone into my toes. I don't know where she learnt that trick from - but it gets me everytime.

So that was my day. From a lovely bad hair day look at the beginning of the day, to a Mutant Dog with no hair look. Her and Him keep telling me I am so cute. Cute .. .my little doggy arse!!

I will keep in touch again when I can with regards what is going on in my world. Until then - woof woof!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October 14th The Washing Machine Repairman and Our Ghost

Firstly, after my recent Roach encounters and stating my house was clean - oops this doesn't look very good does it?  Yes folks, that is dust, a few cobwebs and even a dead bug (I wonder if it's offspring are haunting me due to it's demise?)

Which has nothing to do with the Washing Machine Repairman and our Ghost. I just threw the above dirt in as a little observation.

I have / had a front loading washing machine. I hope I still can say have. The machine (an Italian, so maybe it possessed the same Latino passion?) decided it would start doing weird & wonderful things to me. Some examples.. .no you are NOT going to open my door - ever! Do you really think I am going to do a spin cycle and rinse your laundry - no way. I quite like the damp effect. And on, and on, and on.

To  the extent I did what everyone does and called in ... drum roll.... The Washing Machine Repair Man.  Who entered to bright disco lights and angels heralding his arrival.  We agreed it could be the circuit board and then  he decided he would do a test run to see if there were other faults. The machine lurched and careened and even burped - a bit like me after a few too many gins actually. The repair man turned to me and said "Do you know, I have never encountered a machine doing anything like this before!" I almost think it is possessed"   (I actually thought he was going to tell me to call in the Exorcist)

I then had to regale him about our tale of our ghost - who to date has just kept their presence to smoking cigarettes in the lounge and the odd time following me with their ghastly cigarette smell into the kitchen - but  not often fortunately.  Possibly our resident Ghost/Ghostess has taken exception to an Italian front loading washing machine and decided to possess it as well?

Well the mention of our resident Ghost opened the Gates of Ghostdom. I stood there for half an hour and heard every encounter my Washing Machine Repair Man had had with ghosts - first hand, second hand and even third hand.  We weren't at a Spiritualist meeting,  we were in my laundry!! Do you know that feeling you get when your eyes glaze, you have a fixed smile and every so often emit an Oh No - that is what I was reduced to.

Finally he decided to take the errant Italian away with him - for an exorcism maybe? Leaving me to ponder dust, cobwebs and dirty bugs.

I do not know why my Blog of the Day did not encompass malls, hairdressers, nail technicians. Note to self.... who wants to read about Washing Machine Repairmen?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

October 13th When Bugs Attack

Well by the time it reached what can only be called a reasonable hour, I really needed one of these. Just between you and me, I could have had one or two of these earlier in the day. Dammit, let's be totally honest - I could have had the whole damn bottle

What lead to this near spiral into alcoholism? I hope you are seated and not squeamish.  I have brought up in previous blogs how creepy crawlies somehow are attracted to me. Not the two legged ones, but the insect, totally horribly looking, creepy crawlies. Today was another testament to that fact.

I had a busy day. Work and then out for errands. I finally got home close to 3pm, and realised I hadn't indulged in lunch, and decided a slice of toast wouldn't go amiss.  So I was standing at the kitchen bench, as you do, when I heard this funny buzz and then felt something on the back of my neck.
With dread I immediately realised what it would be. I actually think a pair of incontinence pants would have been extremely useful on this particular occasion!  I reached around and felt a hard moving shell and flicked it off my neck.

Yes folks, it was a NZ native cockroach. It was large, and it was black. I had flicked it off onto the kitchen bench somewhere and fly spray wasn't a solution in this instance. A quick rush to the toilet for some toilet paper,  some tentative lifting of the toaster and I found the bastard. It (not being worthy of being called a she or a he) was captured and promptly flushed down the toilet.

I went into hysterics, had a panic attack, and wailed. Why Me oh Lord, Why Me???  Do you know it is now hours since the event, and I can still feel that thing on my neck. To the extent that I keep asking George if there is a scratch or a bite on my neck. But there is no evidence.

PS.... Before anyone thinks we are dirty. These cockroaches inflicting themselves on us are a native to NZ, and commonly found in logs, leaf litter, under loose bark - and on Irene's body parts

Monday, 13 October 2014

October 12th A Domestic Goddess I Am Not

I would like to present myself as perfect in the kitchen at all times, but that is hardly the reality. Today I was into cookie manufacturing mode, for an upcoming stay at the beach. The cookie recipe I have is so good, that George requested I double it, so we, ie he, had a good supply.

Now I am sure 99.99% of you don't have this problem. When I start to double recipes - that is when things go pie shaped. My brain always seems to somehow screw up the calculations. Today was no exception.  Don't ask me how 3/4 cup of white sugar and 3/4 cup of brown sugar somehow when doubled became 3 1/2 cups of each.  I have no idea if I misread the recipe, if I miscalculated, but I was creaming my butter & sugar and wondered what the heck was going on. So did my poor mixer when it started smoking. And I don't mean baby we are smoking hot in a good way. In my defense, it didn't help that at the same time George & I were discussing the placement of Xmas trees on the front deck.  We now have 3 for outside (it used to be 2) - should it be the 2 greens, should it be 1 green and 1 white,  maybe 3 but that would be overkill.  I tell you.. my brain can not cope with maths, Xmas trees, cookies and smoking mixers at the same time. It wasn't only the butter that was melting, so was my brain - as in a meltdown.

Fortunately all was saved thanks to having a mathematician in the house (obviously not myself). Sir George, my knight in shining armour, recalculated the entire recipe to match the quantities I had misinterpreted.

I was off making cookies on a commercial scale. We have Cookies for Africa people. I kid you not.

There were also Bowls for Africa everywhere - you just can't see them all

It's Cookie Time!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

October 11th A Car Wash and Movie?

So it was time for George to take his car through the car wash. 

Looking out through a Picture Frame

Where Did the View Go?

Then George revealed his Big Boy Toy. Stuck in a Car Wash, time to spare? Don't worry - let's start watching a movie

Saturday, 11 October 2014

October 10th Girly Day

Today I spent a bit of time on me. Time to indulge the senses with wonderful fabrics and surrounds at a designer dress shop. I think this may have been the first time I have walked in to one!

Friday, 10 October 2014

October 9th Garden Glories

It was wonderful to walk around our tiny garden tonight, and see the Spring bursts. Plants ready to come into their own, shaking off the winter blues and not far off from their full glory.

I see Red, I see Red, I see Red

A hint of a pink blush

Looks like a Squatter has moved in, I won't investigate as I don't know it's size!

Now this is an early surprise - especially for the climate we have here, and the recent gale force winds

A tiny cluster of Grapes

A Rose by any other name