Tuesday, 22 November 2016

November 20th Kissing Cousins - No Way!!

Over the weekend Minnie spent 'quality' time with her doggy cousin Benny, whilst we visited my sister and family for a movie night.  I should explain at this point that there is a bit of history with these two apple of our eye doggies. They actually don't like each other. They have never barked, snapped or snarled at each other but with the looks and the behaviour from each of them, you can just tell that when they are together, they endure each other. They follow each other everywhere, ie he better not be getting any better treats than I am getting, oh no that was an extra pat, that's not fair. Hey I am here.

So here we were all comfortably seated to watch some TV, and Minnie decided she was a visitor and worthy of the best comfy seat in the house. Benny was aghast! What is that trollop doing on my sofa!

Benny decided he had no option but to settle for second best - and looked around the room for some sympathy

With no sympathy forthcoming, and Minnie not budging for anyone - Benny had no option but to make the best of what he could

It's a dog's life. Even when it got to normal bedtime routine for Benny - he wasn't going to leave that room until that strumpet had left the house. He even came to the front door to make sure that yes she had exited the premises and entered her carriage to transport her home.

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