Monday, 21 November 2016

November 18th What Do You Think?

On Friday I was treated out to a very lovely long lunch. And it was a long lunch,complete with bubbles. Actually come to think of it I would have to say my whole weekend has comprised bubbles.

First there was the Friday long lunch - but I was a good girl as I was driving, so only one glass. Saturday an unexpected get together with family, here at ours, and fortunately there were a couple of bottles in the fridge. Just as an aside, in my world a fridge with no bubbles is like the Antarctic with no ice! Sunday, there were more bubbles as we enjoyed the best battered oysters in town and fish and chips.. and drum roll for the bubbles whilst we enjoyed said food and the entire series of the TV show 'Getting On' with my little sister and her family. Fortunately my little sister subscribes to the same motto, ie a fridge with no bubbles.....

However I have waffled. Getting back to Friday and the long lunch which I was enjoying with the CEO no less, of Fine Travel (the group I am a travel broker with) We ordered bubbles with our lunch - and this is how it was served. All very retro. But! And this is a big but! I was not impressed as the move to glass flutes was because there was less space for the bubbles to escape. Hence either Champagne or Methode Champenoise should be served in a tall flute. Big no no to this restaurant. This is just so wrong!

psst note the name on the handbag holder next to my glass


  1. Hi Irene, I always prefer the flute. You can use the tulip or the coupe. I also. We have some Riedel and they are the flute type for Champers/Bubbly.

    1. Do you know Marnie, I didn't realise this shape was called a Coupe! Or what the Tulip glass looked like - my ignorance is showing! The flute just feels right doesn't it :)

    2. I totally agree, we associate sparkling wine with the flute. The tulip looks a little like the flute but it spreads out at the top. I always think the coupe is better for cocktails. To each their own, I guess.