Sunday, 11 May 2014

May 11th Mothers' Day

I remember the day you were born
because I couldn't sleep until close to dawn
When you finally with your presence did us adorn
And then a tear came to my eye

Then the time came for your first step
at falling over you were quite adept
With bumps and bruises but at it you kept
And then a tear came to my eye

And then we repeated the above again
when into this world your little brother came
The two of you did rough and tumble with every game
And then a tear came to my eye

It wasn't long and the first day at school came
I knew now life would never be the same
My toddlers were turning into boys and then men
And then a tear came to my eye

And so on this Mothers' Day I actually give a private wink
because deep in my heart I think
if it wasn't for my children I would not be a mother
I don't need a day for them to say I love her
But whenever they do, a tear does come to my eye

With deepest gratitude and love to my awesome sons. To all the families out there - just be grateful you have someone to love and care for. It isn't a meal at a restaurant, or a new vacuum cleaner that you want, or your family matching a picture perfect Greeting card or movie - it is just love, no matter what day of the year

© Irene Field 2014

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