Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 13th The Big Red

What, you may well ask, is Big Red?  Big Red is the equivalent of my comfy blanket, it cuddles me and snuggles me and keeps me warm. Yes it is my dressing gown. 

One of the perils of being self employed and working from home is the case of the Big Red. My morning routine tends to be adorn Big Red, absolutely appreciate my first coffee, indulge in breakfast cereal, and then wander down the hallway (avoiding peak traffic ie Minnie's toys) to the office for a supposed peak at what lies ahead for the day. Then I think ooops better do this, oh this looks urgent, I sit down and then on days such as this I look up at the clock and it is 11:30 and I am still in Big Red, teeth unbrushed, hair pointing every which way but where it should, and a general mess.

Which is all well and good and the joys of working from home. But very rarely an occasion such as today happens. Minnie was passed out behind me on the office chair and obviously was too out to it to give me any warning - the doorbell rang. Because it had been a particularly busy morning, of course all the blinds were still closed. I opened the door (extremely tentatively I must add) and lo and behold there stood a customer. A big grin on her face, made up and dressed to perfection. And what greeted her ... me in Big Red.  I really felt like saying Holy Mother Forker - but with her being a customer I could just stand there, gape and apologise.

She decided to swing by to pick up their passports. As an aside, I was really proud of myself with this booking. Visas were required to enter Russia - and she could not cope with filling in the paperwork so it was left to yours truly to do the dastardly requirements, and for them to add their autographs. And I am going to shout the following out in capitals. The form had to be completed online and some sections had to be in cyrillic writing

я сделал это, я сделал это, я сделал это!

Now I know how, it is easy.  But I did it!  Oh and back to my Customer - so she found me  in Big Red. And with a nod to Big Red,I am proud to make Big Red the subject of my Photo of the Day. 

You really didn't expect me to model it did you? Come on - even Big Red deserves it's dignity!

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