Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May 6th The Annual Wrappng Of The Tree

With winter frosts on the horizon, the Kaffir Lime has been wrapped up and molly coddled, and hopefully tricked into believing it won't be living through a cold Waikato winter.  Our tree, which is just over a year old, survived the harshness of last winter, and this is the crop which is being cut up and frozen - to flavour my Gin. There are still a couple of fruit left on the tree should I require fresh over winter. Am quietly chuffed with our first season's efforts - and the smell is sublime, divine and they are all mine, mine, mine!


  1. These limes have a unique appearance. I have never seen a lime with a rough surface like the ones you have demonstrated in your photograph. I hope you could still some good lemonade with them. Nice photograph!
    W in Alexandria, Va,

  2. I saw what you did there, the smell is *sublime*, hehe very clever :)
    And although I have now been many times to your recommended garden centre, have still not purchased a lime tree, am going through a pansy and begonia phase! Was very close one time but did not have an appropriate vehicle to transport it that day, so is still on the 'one day' list.
    Brenda :)

    1. Thanks Brenda. We love Begonias. Not the little bedding ones but the larger ones - ours didn't flower as much as they usually do this year. If they don't behave as well next year, they may go to Begonia Heaven in the sky!!