Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 21st Get Your Teeth Into This

What makes a person decide in life to be a Dentist? It has to be one of the most cursed professions in the world - and yet they appear to make large sums of money if the amount they bill us for is anything to go by. Parents tell your offspring to be Dentists.

My previous Dentist was wonderful. I never thought I would hear myself say something like that about a person in that dreaded profession, but Sam was wonderful. I used to travel a fair distance to see him - but he was worth it, both from a pain in the mouth and pain in the purse perspective. Then it happened. He advised me he was getting married to a girl who lived in Auckland. You guessed it - after a period of time they moved to the big city and my dentist was gone. The pain was as bad as a bad case of tooth ache.  Or as bad as the time he put in a temporary crown/bridge thingee at the front of my mouth - and the temporary thingee kept falling out. When I smiled it looked like the Black Hole of Calcutta resided in my mouth - consequently I did not smile for a while or if I did, I attempted a mouth half open, mouth half shut smile.  We eventually got that one sorted - the teeth not the smile.

It was with some trepidation recently that the dreaded toothaches started appearing.Sam is no more, so I used a friend's recommendation and trotted off to Dave.   A crown was required at the back and I had developed two fillings. To allow the crown to be made, Dave inserted a temporary crown. Well temporary is the operative word. This was done late morning Friday and by late afternoon Friday, this is what I had to show for my temporary crown. Yep that sure was temporary! Let's hope the permanent one inserted today, and any future temporary insertions, remain as they should and don't end up like this one.


  1. Woow....what a crown?

    With best regards,
    W in Alexandria, Va.,

  2. The permanent one is in place now - permanently I hope :) !!