Sunday, 17 May 2015

May 16th The Annual Outing Of The Board

Twas the annual outing of the board
not all were there of their own accord
There could be heard much sighin'
from both Irene and the Iron


  1. I see a photograph of a beautiful dog on the wall. I enjoy the photographs. They were so helpful to me last year after I lost my mother.
    With best regards,
    W in Alexandria, Va

  2. Hello W. I am so glad you posted, as I haven't heard from you in a very long time and I have wondered how you were. I hope the pain of your mother's passing has eased somewhat - I know it will never go away, but I do hope things are better for you.

    As for that picture of Minnie on the wall. There are actually 2 of them one above the other, and they are paintings. I have a customer (in my travel agent capacity)who is an artist. We have become good friends with both him and his wife. One time he took photos of Minnie and I didn't think much of it, as they have a wonderful wee dog as well and are animal lovers. Well the next time we got together, he gifted us these lovely paintings of Minnie!! They are just so special to us for this reason.

    Due to health reasons, our paths haven't crossed for a good year at least - and coincidentally we caught up on the phone today and are having a lunch together shortly. There are some wonderful people and moments in this world

    Best regards to you, and I hope life is better

    Hugs, Irene