Thursday, 28 May 2015

May 27th Walks With Minnie

Yay, the sun shined and Minnie and I were able to poke our noses outside for a walk. Here's a few sights from today's amble, and it was an amble because not only had Mjnnie been confined due to bad weather, but we bumped into one of our 'they who share their life stories on the roadside' acquaintances. To top matters off, Minnie decided that as she hadn't been outside for a few days, she was going to compensate and combine two normal walking routes into one. Which I confess I didn't mind, as it was a lovely day.

First sight on our walk. Nothing is more deflating then a deflated balloon. It speaks of parties gone, finished and over

 And nothing makes me feel shorter, than looking up a hill, ie our driveway, and realising I am very short compared to some monoliths. I am still waiting for some car/truck to accidentally bring this pole down, so it can be resituated. Any takers?

Finally home we arrived to be greeted by the lovely sight of not only an elephant in the bedroom window, but also lovely reflections in the sky


  1. These stories always bring a smile to my face.
    With best regards,
    W in Greenville, nC