Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May 11th Scum and Reminiscing

I realise that scrum of the earth do walk the same paths as myself and make me go bah humbug for various reasons. Littering is a big one. I hate completing our walks through lovely green paths only to find some low life has left a lot of trash behind. Take this latest find - not only were there bottles strewn everywhere - but they left behind approximately 6 shot glasses. What is with that? BYO shot glasses to the park. @#*&#!

Let's now take a different note. Reminiscing with a friend online today about these little canisters. Who remembers them and what they were for?


  1. 35 mm film canisters................certainly a blast from the past! Have a few here.
    D. xx

  2. Isn't it funny, how you don't realise something is no longer in use until you stumble upon one :)