Wednesday, 6 May 2015

May 5th, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No

The end of day was dawning today and I really didn't think I would have a photo to share. Minnie had decided her walk would be the usual route, so nothing new there to take a photo of. After all, the blades of grass and the power poles she pees on do tend to remain the same.

I thought I was going to have to settle for the following pretty picture, which is a lovely view on our walk around the local lake. The colours do tend to change with the seasons - which leads me to confess I have taken this photo before, just at a different time of year.

But Wait! There's more and it isn't steak knives!!  Of one of the odd things to encounter, along the green belt walkway we take - which is tree lined on one side and then fenced off houses on the other - against a fence on no man's land - I spotted the following.

There is a house on the other side of this particularly high fence (which can't be seen), and no park access whatsoever.  So what a coffee cup was doing there I don't know - unless this particular prowler / park walker is caffeine addicted and has to take their own cup?

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