Saturday, 30 May 2015

May 29th Giggles and More Walks With Minnie

I am going to introduce you to my day starting at the end of the day. We had Cristina and Crae for dinner (as in they joined us, we didn't eat them!). Well actually they very kindly supplied dinner - it was a Friday Fish n Chip night. It was the usual evening full of friendship until Cristina opened her phone to show us some photos. It is human nature to start swiping and to look at them all - isn't it? Well I saw the following Now I promise I was sober. But this totally cracked me up, so much so that I was in tears. This brought me to hysterics for a good 5 minutes!  Actually it still makes me giggle now, so I just have to share it

Let's go backwards now and on a more 'Wasn't It a Lovely Day' note. Minnie was particularly thrilled as she got to see her boyfriend Monty, He was home so we ambled in for a hello  I have no idea if Minnie and Monty discuss running through grass and how it feels on their nipples.

I have to share this beautiful tree that was in flower at Monty's home. It is called a tree dahlia, and is a perfect late autumn home for bees. They were everywhere

After saying goodbye to Monty and his Mum, we were farewelled with some of Margaret's finest produce. She always shares her home grown bottled peaches with us

Then through the park we went, to finally make our way home. All was at peace with the world until I returned to my office and late afternoon pandemonium broke out, settled eventually with a glass of wine, some fish n chips and a good belly laugh

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