Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May 26th Slow News Day

Yes it was a slow news day. To be honest my nose did not extend one inch out the door We have had a polar blast hit us and inside seems a safer option. So by the time night time descended, it was time to curl up on the couch and do what we do, which is watch movies. Tonight's choice was Despicable Me 2. We chuckled and laughed and chuckled and laughed. It is a lovely basic story line, and the icing on the cake are the Minions. They had a much more prominent role in this movie than in the first. I have yet to see The Minions movie starring them alone and hope it is as good.

So considering the theme of the night, it was only fitting that this little chappie joined George, Minnie and myself for the evening. He seemed particular pleased.

On a related note,I just have to share this photo taken last year in Western Australia. Unfortunately all the inhabitants therein appeared to be in hiding that day

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