Monday, 25 May 2015

May 22nd - 24th The Reunion of the Blisters

This past weekend was very family oriented. I won't call us the Three Ugly Blisters - let's just say we are The Blisters. One sister drove down from North of Auckland, another flew in from Papua New Guinea and my role was to open my front door to them.  It was lovely to get together  Sophie drove down on Friday to stay the weekend. On Saturday we met up with Lynette firstly to play ladies at a local cafe, and then we were joined by her and her family for dinner at ours Saturday evening.

Friday I was totally chuffed to receive the following as a gift for no particular reason from my Great Niece, Claudia. I love presents and this one has joined my little troop that sit upon my bed.

Whilst we didn't get a photo of the three of us together, which is pretty bad. I did get a photo of the two doggies that are cousins. Minnie and Benny only tolerate each other. Well that is the face they put out to the world. They have us in fits, as it is obvious there is no love between them, and whilst there is no snarling or teeth baring there is obvious disdain Or maybe this is just a show for us as we found them with very guilty looks on the bed together.

On a different note and not related to family, everyone knows I  love my bling and shiny things. Well guess what we ventured out to buy today?  They are lovely and sparkly and glistening - and best of all real. All will be revealed as to where these two will permanently reside in future weeks. One is already in residence

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