Saturday, 16 May 2015

May 15th Egg-Sac-tly!!

I am going to egg you on with a lot of egg-sacting puns. By the time you finish reading, you will be ova this believe me. Am I being egg-centric? Actually don't answer that one. Am I being egged on?  Where egg-sac-tly am I going with this?

Just count yourself lucky I didn't get started on chickens! I really think in some past life, long, long ago, I was a Magpie. I collect things and I love shiny, shiny, bling things. One of my collections is eggs. Here is a photo of our eggs. Some were sourced on our travels, some were gifted from Romania or Poland (either with intricate hand carvings or hand painted) and some were purchased here in NZ locally. I just realised the hand carved wooden ones are in the bedroom on display - so if you are trying to find the hand carved ones, I think you had better beat a path to our doorway instead of studying this photo in great detail!

So that's the display. In the collection we had one painted one, purchased here in NZ possibly in the Easter of 2014 or the year before.  Note the use of the word had. I thought it would have candies in it, or be empty as I can't recall exactly where, but it was purchased from a local food shop.

I would like to state that this was a proper egg, complete with yolk. Do you know what happens when a proper egg, complete with yolk, that is over a year old is dropped? Do you know the stench is unbearable and is worse then 1000 Maggots copulating with 1000 Fleas in a dead corpse's crotch? Well believe me I do!

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