Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May 19th Chim-Choo-Ree

Lunch at Chim-Choo-Ree today. Which in my books is up there as one of the best restaurant meals enjoyed in a long time. The Restaurant is located in what was the old Waikato Brewery Buildings and looking good for an old girl

 There was an eclectic collection of art inside. I loved these lights. The ones to the right silly

 I had better give your taste buds a tickle. Mine were salivating to the nth degree. Here are photos of our shared entrees followed by shared small (the restaurant's description) mains

In the words of the great Arnie. I'll Be Buck!!!


  1. This meal looks beautiful. I like the way the meal was displayed.
    Today, I visited the Basilica of the National Shrine in DC and had a simple and wonderful meal costing less that three dollars. The Catholic church must be subsiding the cost for meals served here. I think the Pope will visit this Basilica when he comes to Washington.
    With warmest regards,
    W in Alexandria, Va 22306

  2. W thanks for sharing. I have just looked the Basilica up on Google, and the photos are amazing so I can imagine how stunning inside is. Are the meals available for one and all?
    Regards, Irene

  3. I am happy you enjoyed the photographs of the Basilica. It is a beautiful and massive structure that took over forty years to complete. The cafeteria is open to everyone.
    With best regards,
    W in Alexandria, Va where the temperature in 62 degrees Fahrenheit - a little cold