Monday, 11 May 2015

May 9th & 10th Beauty and Bigfoot were here

Another weekend dawned. One thing I must state is that our May weather has been amazing. Usually we have one or two frosts under our belt by now. However with the current mild temperatures it feels that the time to dip our toes into Winter, is still a while away. Fingers crossed that long may this situation continue.

I am sure our Kaffir Lime is hoping for continuing mild weather as well. The tree is still sprouting little babies, and I hope they get to survive

Out for our walk on Saturday, I noticed on a roadside kerb - on a very busy road mind you, which seems so incroguous, a lawn (I could hardly call them a field) of mushrooms. What do you call a group of mushrooms? Anyone?

Sunday dawned and the day was beautiful. Temperatures were in the early 20s, the sun was out and then I spotted this on a garden paver. Yikes - Bigfoot was here!!

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