Friday, 29 May 2015

May 28th Ear Anatomy...

 I have this year changed the earrings I have always worn in the Tragus and Crura of antihelix anatomy of my ear. Google those two, or it may be easier just to meet up with me in person and I will show you which is which.

I don't set out to be distinctively different. Don't worry no lip, eyebrow type of piercings for me - they personally don't appeal. However I do like to be just that little bit different. You can tell when I get into restless mode, as I start thinking, what can I do that is just that little bit different. Recently the inner rumblings have started.

Lately I have been thinking of another small tattoo and the new tattoo is linked to a piercing.I don't want to share until the project is completed. But this evening was spent on the tattoo part. I will give that time to heal, which with the dawn of a new day it appears to be all good, and then it will be time for the piercing. Once that is all settled and complete, then I can share (if I remember, as brain farts lead to diminished brain cells, and I may well forget).

So no, you are not going to see any photos of today's effort. You are just going to have to make do with a lovely photo of a lovely tree, as we went through the drive through for our dinner. I was naughty as we were out at Raglan with the family (that is where the fantastic Vince, the tattoost has his studio), I didn't take any photos of Vince's other work, his studio and then we went and saw the family and no photos of my 3 favourite girls (two granddaughters and a wonderful daughter in law). So a tree it is, because every fast food restaurant has a large tree situated by their drive through don't they?

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