Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May 30th to June 1st From Fishing to Feijoada

This blog will encompass 3 days as we had a Public Holiday. Yay definitely nothing to be sneezed at. Well the first photo I did not take. George was supposed to work the Saturday,and then a life changing decision had to be made. He was asked to go fishing! What can a man do when presented with such a dilemma but follow his nose and fish. Which he is pretty glad he did, as he caught his largest snapper ever. This beauty weighed in at 14 1/2 pounds, and after photographic evidence was taken, the Granddaddy was returned to the deep blue to swim another day

Moving on, and walking home with Minnie from one of our weekend walks whilst she was sniffing her one millionth blade of grass, I stopped to look over the rooftops and thought I glimpsed our house I had no idea it could be seen, but if you look closely there is an elephant on the roof, which means yes it is our house.

The weekend finished with me getting my cook on. I decided to make Feijoada, which is a spicy Brazilian stew of Pork and Black Beans. This dish was beautiful and definitely one I will be making again. 

That was the Long Weekend for us. The last now until October as we hunker down for the winter months and enter hibernation mode

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