Friday, 19 June 2015

June 18th Mid Winter Blues

Come to think of it, why the Mid Winter Blues? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the colour blue. Just think of how glorious a blue sky looks, a tantalising blue sea (in the warm Pacific ocean of course). So why on earth when people are down do they say they have the blues?  It really should be called the darks? So today I had the mid winter darks.

Well not really, but it was grey, it was cold. A friend asked on FB for everyone to post their various temperatures and with us being everywhere in the world I could only sigh in envy at some of the temperatures posted. Here is a cut and paste of my reply:

15:26 Hamilton New Zealand 13 degrees C/55.4F No aircon but Heat Pumps x 2 are on full bore

And then to compound my misery, after posting that it was time to take Minnie for her walk. Well having heating going at full throttle can be a mistake at times. We ventured outside and I think we covered the usual distance in half the time. Compared to yesterday, no one was around to chat. Even Minnie dispensed with smelling power poles and blades of grass and weeing on them all, in the absence of dog's bums. Her little legs moved as fast as they possibly could.

On the up side... the shortest day of the year is just about upon us, which means we are slowly emerging from the Winter Tunnel.   And another positive I thought of today. Ramadan and its associated period of fasting has commenced for Muslims. I bet the ones in NZ are glad Ramadan falls early this year, and the daylight hours are shorter for them. There are always positives in life!


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