Monday, 15 June 2015

June 12th to 14th From the Inane Down to Memory Lane

 A fairly inane weekend. I was still under the weather, so didn't venture far. On Friday the furthest my little pudgy feet went, was outside the back door. Our Money tree x 2, which have been in residence in the same spot for over 10 years (one in a pot and the other planted in a small garden) have both decided to flower for the first time ever. Let's hope this is an indication that our bank accounts will be blossoming (yeah right!)

That was Friday. Saturday dawned and I still was feeling shady. Still feeling bleurgh and not ready to go too far.I think the supermarket heirachy would have been sent into total shock that I didn't make my usual Saturday appearance. What sent me into an even deeper shock was hearing that today was 'World Gin Day'. I kid you not! Not a drop passed my lips, but I thought I had better pay photographic homage to this wonderful institution

Well before you can say hey was that the weekend, Sunday was upon us. I finally felt like I was back to getting my groove on. I was offered the chance to take a trip down memory lane, to my previous in-laws house. Many a time was spent here enjoying family dinners, dropping kids off to be looked after. I even reminisced how they were non smokers and I was a heavy smoker back in the day. They were quite happy to get the ashtray out and I would sit puffing away in their house. Can you imagine that happening these days! In my defense, that sort of action was very common place back then - but still pretty exceptional for a house of non smokers to not object or even mind.

Now the house has been a rental property for 10 + years and is soon to be sold. 

So another link to the past is soon to be gone. Here is another photo that really travels back in time. Carpet circa 1950's?

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