Monday, 8 June 2015

June 6th and 7th The Weekend..

I had the Saturday Blues
Because groceries I had to choose
The Grocery Blues got me
Especially when it came time to wait with my trolley

Sunday dawned and the blues went away
Today was to be a family day
A good ole Kiwi Roast dinner for seven
and the company was just heaven

But on an odd note, I think my cauliflower was trying to adapt to the household it was in. It was a normal creamy white on the outside and then when I cut into it, there were lovely hues of purple


  1. That store resembles a Costco or a Sam's Club which we have here in the US. The only difference is that here in the US, we have long lines at the cash register and would love to have the short lines shown in your photo.
    With best regards,
    W in Alexandria, Va.,

  2. Isn't that ironic W... as to me these are long lines :) I guess I am spoilt living in a smaller city!!