Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June 2nd A Restaurant and Sunshine

You know what I love about my job? The people. OK sometimes some of them leave a lot to be desired and cause me to raise my eyebrows - which is the beauty of most of my business being internet based and conducted with people I may never meet. However then you have the treasures.

I have been dealing with a 68 year old Nana and she is an absolute delight. So much so, that when we caught up on the phone she had me in fits of laughter.  She lives 90kms (don't ask me to convert that to miles) away, and we decided that the next time she was in my neck of the woods we would meet up and enjoy a lunch together. Today was the day. Their holiday is all paid for and ticketed, but we have made a pact that everytime she visits our bustling metropolis (which thank goodness is quite often), another lunch date for us it is. In case you happen to be passing by, here is where we dined today. I personally can recommend the Smoked Cod and Whiskey Chowder. It is well worth a taste!

That was lunch done and dusted. Time to go home. We had dire weather warnings for today, which included thunderstorms, rain and gale force winds. When I left home to go out for lunch, it was raining. However in total contrast when I returned home the sun was shining and it was beautiful. It was also warm! It did not feel like a winter's day. Needless to say the lovely conditions only lasted a few hours, but it was long enough to get Minnie and her four little legs out for a walk. Here is proof of the beautiful afternoon we encountered

A ps as I am now writing this in the evening. The forecast thunder, gale force winds and torrential rain have arrived. There may not be too many Walks with Minnie this week.

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