Saturday, 6 June 2015

June 5th Ministry of Silly Walks

Realistically today's blog should be labelled 'Minnie's Tree of Silly Walks' 

I am sure I have previously mentioned that Minnie walks me, and not the other way round. This most probably upsets all the dog whisperers and trainers of the world, but it has always been my thought that our time out is her time out. So I let her choose the course and duration. The routes are basically the same and she will throw in an extra add on, and just when I think she can't vary the route any more, she will surprise me. Today was one of those days. However I wouldn't have got to see this lovely sight if it wasn't for her. The Sun decided to have a spot of time out in a tree

Then I spotted this leaf on the ground, and to me it looked like a heart. I shared this photo with George later, and asked what he thought and was told it looks like a leaf on the ground! So maybe it doesn't look like a heart?

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