Friday, 26 June 2015

June 25th Listen To The Beat Of Humdrum.......

Another humdrum day,  Which is good as it is proof that I am still alive and kicking.  One source of concern is seeing this sticker going up on a sign in front of the neighbour's house. Oh oh, does that mean we are going to have to kick someone into training?

Fortunately this neighbour is at the front of our house on the road frontage, and we do have shrubbery dividing us from them for privacy. There never used to be shrubbery, and If I went to draw the bedroom curtains at night, I could see if he was having a tinkle in the little boys room.  We have fixed that problem, but they are still neighbours, so let's hope the next lot that move in are as good as this last lot.

And that was another day. Another frosty evening, with an anticipated minus 3 degrees celsius expected, which meant a great view of a clear sky as the sun went down

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