Monday, 22 June 2015

June 20th - 21st The Shortest Day of The Year

Well not only was it the shortest day of the year, placing us slap bang into early winter evenings, but it also felt like a very short weekend. Weatherwise there were two total contrasting days each day. Saturday was extremely bleak and wet, but that didn't stop us in joining in the celebrations for wee Ella's 3rd birthday. And as with all little girls' birthdays being celebrated worldwide the theme was Frozen. The meal was Teppanyaki, which never fails to disappoint.

That's my meal. Prawns with the wonderful Yum Yum sauce, Scallops with the best large roes intact and succulent salmon.

Moving on to Sunday. The rain subsided and the sun made a reappearance. It actually was a beautiful day. This time we were off to join friends for a late celebration of his 70th birthday. We got to know this couple as they were initially customers. They came here to meet me and pick up tickets and our friendship has grown from there.  So it was off to Waitoa to Bill and Beryl's (or the B & B) for a lovely Sunday afternoon catch up and meal. For privacy reasons they did not want their photo taken. However on the way to their home, we had to make a roadside stop for Minnie to do her business. We call this particular roadside stop 'The Chicken Stop' - there is always an abundance of chickens everywhere. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road. Because he wanted to hide from KFC!

No, No Charlie, not that way! That's the road to KFC

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