Monday, 29 June 2015

June 27th - 28th Oh Crumbs and He Croaked It

Saturday was quiet. However in the morning it was great to have a well overdue catch up with friends, whilst George worked his little butt off.  I decided for dinner we would have crumbed fish. I don't know why but when I do the flour, egg and breadcrumb thing -I always have lots of flour and usually some egg left, and maybe a few crumbs.  Usually if they are the right quantities I will make some little patties out of these. The flour is seasoned so they actually are a nice little snack.

Today I mixed the left overs together, and they resembled crumbs. Fortunately I have a thinking cap I wear at times, and I decided to fry the crumbs in a little butter and oil.  Why?  Because the next day was a Chicken Roast day with my famous Cauliflower Cheese, and usually I top that with crumbs.

I can report that the experiment went well, and the Cauliflower Cheese had a nice crumby oomph to it.

Well as for my subject heading as to he croaked it. George worked Sunday as well, so I took Minnie for her walk.  We made this shock discovery on the footpath by the  park

He actually appeared to be gasping his last breaths, which was sad. Even sadder is that I am no Princess and couldn't give him the kiss of life, and had to leave his little body there.  I hope his passing was due to aging years. 

On a final note, I took a couple of photos and he looks fairly scary close up! I am glad I'm not a Princess

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