Thursday, 4 June 2015

June 3rd The Business Mentor

My only reason to pop out today was to get some engraving done, Which you would think would be straightforward. However when I went into the premises, I found the previous owner had retired and sold the business to his solitary staff member, a lovely Taiwanese boy. Well actually a man, as I found out in our conversation he was married. We had a lovely conversation together, ranging from this fantastic historic Taiwanese movie we had seen and the beauty of the Taiwanese countryside, to him feeling more a NZér now than a Taiwanese as he had lived here for 20 years, to how to remember passwords on your computer, culminating in me spending quite a long time sharing sales tips with him, and a lot of the should do and don't do of face to face sales. It was actually after I walked out and headed on my way that I wondered if I should call myself a Business Mentor. Hey that could be another job possibility (not if it involves leaving home each day!)

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