Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April 21st I Am Leaving You.........

But in the words of the famous Arnie... "I'll be buck".  I am heading out into the wide world on my own. I have been thoroughly taken care of in the last few years during my travels, as I have completed them with a loving husband by my side. George is an absolute gentleman, and looks after the suitcases, lifts carry bags into those impossibly high (when you are 5 foot 1, believe me they are impossibly high) overhead cabins, and I am generally spoilt. It also goes without saying of course, that he is an absolute delight to travel with and I enjoy our time together.

I have decided this year I had better spread my wings from a work perspective, and applied for an educational.  So watch out the U S of A - here I come. We have time in Seattle, where I have never been - forget the Starbucks, we are having a visit to the Boeing factory and Space Needle. Finishing with some time in Honolulu. I am not going to divulge the last time I was there - in case some of my customers read my blog. It was (place hand over mouth and cough) cough cough years ago.

I know by the end of my trip, I will be thoroughly homesick and just want to be back home with George, Minnie and see the kids and Grandies. But for my loyal customers, I will put myself out there and go where this Irene Field has never been before, and explore.

So no Blogging. Of course I will still take my Photo of the Day. That has become a serious addiction. And I will catch up with you all on my return. 

In the interim, my biggest decision. Do I take the Black that resembles every other man and women's suitcases, or the obviously belongs to me suitcase? I am guessing 99.9999999% of you know the answer to that dilemma! Actually a change of plans.... after seeing the websites for not one, but two Outlet stores we will be visiting in Seattle - I am taking both of them. With a generous luggage allowance of 2 pieces at 30kg per piece, with Hawaiian Airlines  it's a no brainer!

I bid Adieu, Farewell and Good Bye to you my loyal reader(s). See you when I get back!


  1. Have a fantastic trip Irene and enjoy the wonderful food, sights and people. We found Americans to be so polite and helpful everywhere we went. You will have a ball! We will miss you on F/L, but maybe we will see you pop in from time to time.
    Take care.
    (What I would give to go back to USA again - one day maybe!)
    D. xx

  2. Thank you D!! That is so lovely of you xxxx

  3. Irene, the folks in the USA will totally LOVE you!! Here's to wonderful travels, dear friend. Filled with JUST ENOUGH adventure to give you some fantabulous stories to tell when you return home, but not so much as to actually get you into trouble or cause you stress. xx
    Love and hugs and sunshine and giggles
    Sal & Sabrina xxx

    PS - I'm guessin you won't be 'online' to 'celebrate' a significant date in a week or so's time... So, here's me getting in early.... "Happy (slightly early) Star Wars Day". xxx