Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April 7th A Confession to Make

I have a food confession to make. Overall most of the time our meals are healthy. They are made from scratch, that is packets and jars really don't exist in this house. But every now and then the thought of having something classed as trash by the food snobs really appeals.

One example is (and Kiwis will be more aware of this product) the packets of Rice Risotto. Into the microwave and 20 minutes later you have a fairly good Rice meal (definitely not a Risotto by any means of the imagination), but they are quite tasty. We don't have them often but I do keep a packet in the pantry.

When I was supermarket shopping for the week ahead, my beady little eyes sighted Chicken Sausages. You may think there is nothing wrong with Chicken Sausages - but with a Chicken content of 65%, one has to wonder what the other 35% masked under the chemical names really is.  But I came, I saw and I conquered.

Guess what we had for dinner last night. Not a great photo sorry - as it had been a busy day and I was late cooking dinner.

These were served with the best mashed potato in the world (aka George's creamy mashed potatoes), peas and gravy. Oh and that's another confession. The plan was to make a gravy from scratch, but somehow there was one of those packets in the pantry that matched this dinner perfectly.

Massive apologies to the food snobs out there - ummm, not really. This was comfort food after a hectic, busy day at its best! 

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