Thursday, 2 April 2015

April 1st No Fools

I was discussing with a friend today that April 1st isn't quite the jokes that it used to be. Or maybe it is just us and with age it has changed?  No tomfoolery in this sphere for me and it was a busy day. We decided to eat out tonight as it has been a very long time since we have enjoyed a Thai meal, so Thai it was. You can never go wrong with Thai food. However there is a reason as to why I enjoy this particular Thai restaurant. We have a Thai grocery store here and it is full of all things wonderfully Thai. One day the owner, a lovely lady, was sharing a recipe with me and we were having a general chit chat, and I asked her out of all the Thai restaurants here in Hamilton,did she have a favourite?  Yes she did, and if it is good enough for this lovely lady it is good enough for us.

Needless to say with the amount served here for the two of us, a doggy bag was requested and George has lunch for today!

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