Monday, 20 April 2015

April 18th - 19th The Rain Did Go Away and some Kaffir Limes

The weekend got off to a very wet start. And I must stress the words VERY WET!  I believe on Saturday, we received one month's rainfall in a twelve hour period. So if you thought you were going to be treated to very pretty pictures for Saturday, think again. No way was I dipping my toes out into that weather. Our back path was flooded. George had been away for work and had a very bumpy flight getting back and it was more than just your average rainfall. This is the closest I got to an outside perspective - ie looking out our bedroom window

 Sunday loomed, and as Black is a total contrast to White, so the day was sunny and dry as opposed to the previous. With the previous day's bad weather knocking some Kaffir Limes off our tree, we decided a harvest might be in order. Both the leaves and fruit freeze well, and are good to go for Asian cooking supplies over the winter months. Because we are in a frost prone area, the tree will soon be wrapped in frost cloth to protect it from the weather, I also pick a supply of leaves so the tree won't have to be unwrapped and exposed to Winter elements.

 And to end the day? Well if you are going to pick Kaffir Limes, it stands to reason that one has to make oneself a compulsory Gin & Tonic, and what better garnish is possible, other than a Kaffir Lime?

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