Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April 2nd to April 6th Birthdays, Buns and Easter

Well... for a Holiday and Easter weekend that wasn't particularly busy, there was a mix of full on and not full on for the weekend.  It started busy as it was my oldest Granddaughter's 6th Birthday and festivities were in order, starting on Thursday evening, the day of her actual birthday. As the main party wasn't until Friday, cupcakes were decjded upon to help celebrate her actual birthday.

I cannot understand the particular nuance of this rabbit which is effectively a cupcake with a rabbit's bum sticking up in the air? This did take some figuring out as at first we thought it was two funny bear faces on the edge of a white blob. What do you think?

On to the next day, and shall we just sing together 'Let It Go, Let It Go......' especially with regards to the above cupcake and on to the actual birthday cake.  We celebrated with a kids only party (with parents and a Nana being the exception) at 'Leap' - a trampoline wonderland.  I don't know what is wrong with my face but one particular demon child at the party - who would not have been more than 3 years old? - was giving me the evils. I have never had a kid stare me down to this extent! It got to the stage where I wondered if I had a large zit on the end of my nose or lipstick smeared over my teeth. But no, she was just a demon child giving me the evils. As the song goes however 'Let It Go'  and here is the Birthday cake with Elsa or Anna - I never know which is which

With birthday celebrations out of the way, Saturday dawned and the news that we could expect a Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, and also Daylight Saving was ending this very day. With a sky like this, I didn't expect a very clear moon, but very late that evening I was proven wrong and I did see the eclipse - but didn't stick around for the Blood Red Moon

On to Sunday, and by this time we both were in burn out mode and recovering from what had been a fairly hectic and stressful few days earlier in the week. Our only human interaction was with our lovely neighbour and his gorgeous daughter bringing us a gift of Hot Cross Buns

Monday dawned and it was out of Burn Out mode and on to the chores that beckoned. George finished rebuilding a fence and I admired Dandelions - they may be a weed in the eyes of many, but they are always so delicately formed and beautiful to me.

On that note, I bid you Adieu. Farewell to Easter 2015. My oldest Granddaughter is another year older and now 6 years old and these are the Days of Our Lives!

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