Monday, 13 April 2015

April 10th - 12th Nana and Poppa Duties

We were on Nana and Poppa duties from Friday. Although I should not label it a duty, but an absolute pleasure. Yay for school holidays and Havana can come and stay. When here little sister is older we will have two of the cheeky monkeys. Yes they are exhausting but an absolute pleasure to have around.

Friday of course was a working day. But I made sure we escaped for some Cafe Girly time. The evening was spent playing Monopoly - and we are both still in shock that Havana won!  What happened to the rule that Grandparents had to win every game, especially Nana?

Saturday dawned and it was a full on day. Havana joined us in the weekly ritual of Grandparents who work and who must do their supermarket visit on a Saturday morning. Home to unpack, and then out the door for a lovely long forest walk. It definitely is Autumn and Chestnuts abounded

Minnie joined us for this outing of course, and she knew the way - to chase the chickens

Home for a spot of sitting outside and chalk drawing

Saturday still wasn't done with. I managed to persuade little Miss H that she really should try and have a bit of a nap before we headed to the night markets for a stroll through the stalls and to enjoy our dinner - ps to Hamilton locals, the Creamed Paua is the best! Finally we made it home, with our feet up to spend our Saturday night watching a Tinkerbell movie - and then to bed at 8:30pm for a very tired Nana and Little Miss H  (it was a full on day - even for this particular Nana!!).

Sunday dawned and time for our princess to depart. However she was heading to swimming lessons, so I took the opportunity to go and watch - and was pleased I did, as she was told she was progressing to the next level from her next lesson.

By Sunday afternoon, when the house was back to normal, George & I both agreed that nothing beats being on Nana and Poppa duties.

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