Saturday, 18 April 2015

April 17th Can You Help Me?????

A house that is on one of our common walking routes, has this large tree out front. The fruit looks like apples, but they actually are small (like a big Cherry Tomato) and never really get any bigger or change colour. Every year the tree bears prolific fruit and no one seems to pick them - they all end up on the grass. 

Does anyone know what they are?  I go through this puzzle now on an annual basis. This time I decided to take a photo and use the possible powers of the web to solve my problem.  Help please and save this old girl from racking what brain cells she has left



  1. Just a guess.. but they look like yellow crab apples to me?

  2. I thought Crab Apples only came in Red and didn't realise there were yellow ones. Thank you so much Kay!!!! Crab Apples they are :)