Monday, 3 August 2015

July 31st, August 1st - 2nd The Family

I am actually going to write this past weekend's blog backwards. Sunday was such a fantastic day as it was a chance to get together with my two sisters and family. With one sister residing overseas, another living a good 2 hours drive away, our paths don't get to cross that often. It was really nice to be able to share a day together

 Go back a day, and Saturday saw the Cheese Maker in me released. Time for another batch of Feta to be made, and a batch packaged

For dinner, it was home made Pizza. I don't make them very often, which I have no reason not to? With a busy day with errands and the making of the Cheese, a very fast dinner was required. Home made Pizza beats hands down anything that comes in a cardboard box

Back one day further to Friday, and the 'Blue Moon'.  Not called a Blue Moon because of it's colour, but apparently it is a full moon that occurs for the second time in a month. Full Moons apparently can lead rise to weird behaviour, I wonder how some people cope with two in a month?


  1. Lovely to see a photo of the three sisters together again Irene! All hale and hearty. Your Fat Bottoms Estate herbed feta looks yummy too.

    The picture in the background is similar the kitset wool tapestry type thingees I did when I was young. A bit like painting by number. Nice piece of nostalgia for me. But I realise the one in the picture is probably a painted canvas.
    D. xx

    1. D, that is an original painted canvas. My older sister has had it for years. After all this time I still like it. Thanks for the compliments - if we get together again, I will make sure I have some of my Cheese with me. It is beautiful - even if I do say so myself :) xx