Thursday, 6 August 2015

August 5th Guilt!

I felt guilty nearing completion of the current Wasgij puzzle, so decided I should do the right thing and let George finish it off. After all it is supposed to be a combined effort. I hope he can figure it out?


  1. whispering....................I had to look twice at your jigsaw Irene!
    D. xx

    1. We stayed at a beach rental once D, and the owner said if we wanted to carry on with the puzzle he had started to feel free to. We finished it, but left one piece out (as above) and left a note saying 'we thought you might like to finish this puzzle off and didn't want to hog it all' :)

  2. Good thinking on your part and the owner would have had a little giggle as he popped the last piece in! A neat jigsaw actually - the look on the peoples' faces!