Friday, 7 August 2015

August 6th A WOW Day!!

Today was what I refer to as the 'Day Of The Pinking', ie time to get what minimal tresses I have coloured and in the pink. So off to my hairdressers I went (which is situated in a busy mall).  All fairly bog standard and usually a bog standard routine, park the car, walk through the mall to the hairdressers, get the good part done, get the painful part done (ie paying for it) and walk back to the car.

Well today was different. On my way to the salon, I saw my lovely nail lady, Nancy. She has been away on holiday and then returned and was unwell, so it was good to see her up and about. But it doesn't stop there. While in the salon, the Thursday late night shift came on. Lo and behold one of my very first colourists walked in. She had left this particular salon at least 4 ago, and I lost contact with her. So it was great to reconnect and catch up. Nearing the end of my session, a lady had walked in and sat down in the waiting area, and then I hear "Oh my god Irene, it is you" Another buzz, as this was a lady I hadn't seen for over 10 years and we used to socialise at the Rugby Club together. More hugs

So I came away feeling particularly good about bumping into all these lovely people. You would think my WOW day would end there but oh no. I had to attend a Tourism Fiji event in the evening. After canapes, the evening was podium style with various resorts and tour operators giving presentations. Then the Business Card draw, for various accommodation prizes. My eyes usually glaze over during this point, as I never win anything (although George reminded me where my lovely hard case Thai Airways labelled cabin bag came from recently). Polite clapping ensued, even hilarity when two agents with very similar names from the same agency, jumped up to claim the same prize. Then it got to the big draw. Four nights accommodation for 2 people, with two being at The Naviti Resort (a 4 star resort) and two nights at the sister property, The Warwick Resort (a 5 star resort). Well blow me down with a duster feather! Blow the trumpets! Roll the drums! Guess whose business card was drawn. ME, ME and ME!!  Fortunately I remembered where I was and whilst I did do a jig, I did not yell out at the top of my voice 'HOLY MOTHER FORKLIFT'

Then to top the evening off... the Sales Rep (lovely lovely lady) said she had been admiring my hair all night and just loved the colour and the brightness, and actually thought to herself  "I would like that lady to win our prize". Well her telepathic kindness paid off, and we will be heading to Fiji.

There is still one NZ wide draw, which is for return airfares for 2 people. Forget Holy Mother Forklift if I pull that one off. I am going for the real McCoy!!


  1. Hahaha, thanks for the gut laugh to start my day, forklift hahaha

    1. If the Crown guy shows up again Jude, you can tell him that!! :)

  2. Yes, it was hilarious Irene! Congratulations too!

  3. It is one way to curb my mouth which can run loose at times. Thanks D :)