Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August 4th Cafe Lunch

I am sure I have said this before. I have some absolutely fantastic customers. I love being able to help with the weird and wonderful, but also as time goes on you develop a relationship. It is great answering the phone and being absolutely delighted to hear from them.  Not because of the work aspect only however, it is just great to hear from someone you look upon as a friend.

I have to tell you about one recent phone call though!  I answered the phone in my usual manner, ie "Welcome to Fine Travel, you're speaking with Irene" and the response I got was the following:
"Do  you know how f*** hard you are to find"?  
"Thank God for f*** Google, that I f**** found you"!!

I managed to maintain my business poise. If I hadn't been in in professional mode, my response may well have been "Who the f** is this"!    But I replied, that yes they were speaking with Irene and how could I help.  I discovered this was a customer from my days in retail in Travel (that is over 10 years ago now), and they decided they were going to travel and they wanted to book with me, by hook or by crook. How fortuitous that when I married George, I didn't change my name. If I had, there is no way in hell they could find me. George's family name is extremely hard to spell let alone pronounce (note to self: remember to use my married name in certain circumstances, it may well be useful)

Back to the present, and a lovely lunch. I love the table accoutrements for the coffee. But I am not too sure what the mini watering can was originally for?  

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