Monday, 24 August 2015

August 21st to 23rd Same Old Same Old

Friday and actually earlier in the week was just a tad stressful. The week culminated in a total of 5 1/2 hours being spent on hold with my phone provider - Spark, if you are feeling a knife in the back Spark, that's me by the way. That issue wasn't all I had to contend with during the week. I also had issues to sort with a Courier company. See the three callback stickers  - I won't go into the full story, but for two of those callbacks I was sitting inside the house and he couldn't gain entry due to a large dog that came up to his waist being on the loose. Needless to say there were complaints lodged and eventually the local Manager himself delivered the package and also came to offer an apology

 Moving on to the weekend, and my office has started to receive a well overdue tidy up and clean. That was the focus for both Saturday and Sunday, and it's still not finished!!  Guess what I will be focusing on the rest of this week.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Irene a dull girl. So Sunday evening, it was yay. Time to catch up with the wonderful Cristina and Crae,, who came to visit. You can guarantee everyone has good belly laughs every time. And I am too busy laughing my head off, that I forget either a photo or group selfie of the evening. Fortunately I did take a photo of part of our dinner. The famed 'Coca Cola Chicken' nibbles was part of the menu. To steal a phrase - they are finger lick'n good. I say it everytime when I make them (which is rarely), I must make them more often!

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